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Divination with lottery


The believer should first report one’s name, age, date of birth, home address and wish to God before practicing divination. One divination can only be practiced for one wish. After casting the divination blocks in getting a divine answer, the believer can sway a container to draw one divination slip.

Consult for confirmation

Once a single bamboo divination slip tumbles out of the container, the believer should first bear the number shown on the slip in mind and put the slip back to the container for others’ use. Afterwards, the believer should cast the divination blocks again to confirm the slip number. Without a confirmation, one should perform the divination again until success.

Collecting a lottery poem

Once getting a confirmation for the lottery drawn, the believer can head for the “Lottery Section” for collecting the corresponding poem to one’s lottery.

Interpretation of the lottery poem

As the poems always encourage believers to do good in order to get rid of ill fortune and disasters, the lottery poetry can be regarded as a kind of virtue book. The content of the lottery subjects to one’s conduct; good fortune only happens to the one who has good words and good deeds, whereas if one is told a bad luck, one should be more cautious about one’s behavior in order to save the day.